"I just finished reading Pirate by Night by Lisa Asenato. What an amazing story. I couldn't put it down. Her writing ability made me feel like I was back in that era. Her words are so descriptive I could see clearly see each character and every place she described. The love between Grace and Nicholas is so passionate. I can hardly wait for another one of her books to be published. Great job Lisa."  DH


"Nicholas was stripped away from his loving home as a child and forced on a ship by his uncle. Years later, he is now burdened with revenge and guilt. He becomes a vicar in order to exact his revenge until he meets Lady Grace. She sees only goodness in him but what happens when she finds out the truth regarding the new vicar?


Lovely inspirational message of confessing our sins/burdens over to God and finding peace. Well paced and well developed characters make this an entertaining read. Captivating read and hard to put down. Clean romance. I did find some things(ex. their attraction) a little repetitive at times-- 4 1/2 Stars." E&M


"Nicholas' family was destroyed when he was a child and betrayed in the worst possible way. Now as a pirate, he rights wrongs that he couldn't fix otherwise. He masquerades as a vicar to get revenge on the man who stole his life and position. Grace lives a quiet life outside of society and spends her days making life better for the inhabitants of her village. Her strong, quiet faith touches a chord in Nicholas. This is a wonderful book telling a sweet story of redemption on so many levels."  DA


"From the start of the book the splendid writing draws you in to another time. The description of persons and places makes one's imagination come alive. The Pirate, Nicholas, is a splendid man who makes you hunger for the pages to come. Love is evident from start to finish. It not only draws you in with the regality of it all, but with the amount of intense wonder you have over the characters. When they cry, you cry. Emotions run high in "Pirate by Night." Lisa Asenato not only captivates the audience but makes you keep coming back for more!" Anonymous


"Pirate By Night was a fascinating read. I wasn’t what to expect because this author is completely new to me but the story seemed interesting enough and I gave it a try. I am so glad that I did what struck me so well about this novel was that while Christianity is mentioned its greater presence is in the character’s choices and thoughts. It other words it was natural and uncontrived. This was a beautiful story about forgiveness and second chances that can only happen when we let go and let God. I highly recommend this book for anyone who like a little adventure and intrigue with some romance thrown in as well. The main characters are all genuinely likable people."  Anonymous

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